Angry Birds World - #1 Place to visit in Qatar

Angry Birds World Theme Park is one of the biggest amusement parks in Qatar. Thousands of people visit the theme park monthly since it has everything someone could need to spend a unique entertaining day with their friends and family. One of the best things about Angry Birds Theme Park Qatar is having a wide variety of games, rides, and attractions that are suitable for all ages.

Angry Birds World Amusement Park is located in Doha, Qatar specifically at Doha Festival City Mall, Umm Salal Muhammed. You will find the theme park near the South Food Court at the mall. Click this link to get the directions to Angry Birds World Amusement Park on Google Maps.

In terms of operating days and hours, Angry Birds World is open daily and you can find more details about the operating hours on Angry Birds World’s official website.

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Why is it the best place to visit in Qatar?

So what makes Angry Birds World Theme Park on the top of the list of places to visit
in Qatar? To make it short, Angry Birds World has 20 rides for kids and adults, 70 Arcade Games, 40 Square Meters retail area, and 7 food and beverage outlets. These 4 main aspects attract anyone to visit the theme park, whether they are adults or kids. Let us start explaining more about the indoor and outdoor areas, retail stores, packages, and more!


Indoor Theme Park

In the Indoor area of Angry Birds World, you will find a wide variety of games, rides, attractions as well as mini restaurants and cafes. There are 5 main indoor rides, namely Blast Bomb, Red Alert, Bouncing Blues, Pirate Coast, and Angry Birds Go! You can read more and see the images of each ride at Angry Birds World’s official website.

Indoor Attractions

Angry Birds World also has various special indoor attractions. You will find a sizeable area of laser tag, or as we call it Epic Battle, as well as a huge trampoline zone, to show off your cool moves and tricks, and this is why we call it the Trampoline Universe. Adding to these, if you want to experience how it feels when Angry Birds fly, you can try it yourself at our Zipline attraction. That’s not all! Angry Birds World Theme Park hasn’t forgotten the small lovely children and created a special soft play area full of bright colors and suitable soft equipment to create a safe and fun environment. The theme park is keeping its promise of creating a smile on everyone’s faces stepping into the park, and this is why Angry Birds World is one of the best places in Qatar to visit. Speaking about the indoor attractions, Stella’s Big Tree is one of the coolest attractions for the whole family. As the tree is in the heart of the theme park, it is a great place to see the whole Angry Birds World at a glimpse. You will be impressed with the beautiful decorations while climbing Stella’s Big Tree. So makes sure not to miss the chance to save these amazing memories and take pictures with your friends and family!
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Outdoor Theme Park

For thrillseekers, Angry Birds World Theme Park Qatar designed the outdoor theme park to level up the entertainment. The outdoor area has enormous rides that are also suitable for all family members of all ages. The main outdoor rides are Raft Battle, Super Slingshot, and Angry Coaster.

Outdoor attractions

You will also find a huge sports and physical activity hub where you will experience breath-taking fun and adrenalin thrills. The City Studio hub is located in the outdoor theme park and has various entertaining activities that you can try no matter your age. You can enjoy the high-speed slides and the three signature Roller Glider zip lines if you are someone who enjoys high places. Make sure to visit this page to learn more about their indoor and outdoor attractions.

Food and Beverage

Already felt that this is one of the most beautiful places in Qatar? We still have more to talk about! In case you felt hungry or thirsty from the extreme excitement, Angry Birds World has established Food and Beverage Outlets that have a variety of options to please every taste.
The best thing about the restaurants and cafes is their location inside the theme park so you don’t have to go far and wait in the food court queues. Angry Birds World has 7 Food Outlets that provide snacks, desserts, hot and cold beverages, fast food meals for adults and kids, and much more. You can take a break and recharge your energy to continue your adventure at Angry Birds World.

Retail Store

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Before leaving this adventurous world, do not forget to pass by Angry Birds World’s themed retail stores. The retail outlets offer high-end unique gifts and special souvenirs to save your day and memories. The retail outlets offer a variety of cool items like themed apparel, stationery, toys, houseware, and more. 

Angry Birds World Theme Park also gives the option to purchase your favorite items online through their official website.

Tickets and packages

Angry Birds World offers feasible and simple options in terms of the Play Card options. You can choose between two play card options; either the Individual Card (Personal Card) type or the Family Card option. The Individual Card is used for one person only and it comes with QAR 100 credit. Whereas, the family Card is designed to be used by 4 members, whether they are family members or your friends.
Another important point to highlight is that both card options can be topped up and recharged with any amount of money that ranges from QAR 50 to QAR 500. for extra joy, Angry Birds World designed a Gift Card to please your loved ones with plenty of entertainment and excitement,
You can book your tickets or buy Gift Cards online at Angry Birds World’s official website.

Loyalty Program

You can join Angry Birds World’s loyalty program (Tejory) by simply downloading Leisure Mobile Application. The application allows you to gain points whenever you purchase or recharge your play card either from Angry Birds World Theme Park or other collaborated organizations. Your collected points can then be transferred into monetary value that you can use at Angry Birds World or the other partners.
You can learn more about the Loyalty Program (Tejory) at Leisure’s official website.
To sum up, Angry Birds World is one of the most entertaining and beautiful places to visit in Qatar because of its wide variety of adventurous activities that is suitable for all ages. The theme park features breathtaking rides, entertaining games, and unique and fun attractions, as well as live shows, and events.

Snow Dunes Theme Park - #2 Best place to visit in Qatar

Snow Dunes Theme Park is one of the best places to visit in Qatar as it is the first snow experience developed in Qatar that features exciting rides and attractions at -4 decrees weather, The snow park is located at Doha Festival City Mall next to the North Food Court. the theme park is designed for all family members of all ages. if you are a fan of freezing weather and enjoy playing with snow, Snow Dunes Theme Park is the perfect place to consider visiting. At the snow park, families and friends can enjoy a safe and fun environment where they can share remarkable moments and happy memories. Now let’s talk about why you must visit Snow Dunes and what makes it one of the best places to visit in Qatar.
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Rides and attractions

So what are the activities you can do there with your friends and families? Snow Dunes Theme Park has various games and rides that you can enjoy with your loved ones no matter their age. You can experience the thrills of their 50-meter slides, snow guns, wall-climbing challenges, skating on their ice rink, riding the snowy merry-go-round, driving the bumping cars, and much more.
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Food and beverage

At Snow Dunes Theme Park, you can warm up your body in their chilly weather and stop by their Dhow Boat. they serve really hot drinks and appetizers. In addition to this, Snow Dunes Restaurant is another fancy restaurant within the theme park to enjoy your favorite hot meals and your delicious warm soups.

Tickets and packages

Snow Dunes Theme Park also features VIP rooms, which you can reserve with 7 of our friends or family members. You can also enjoy resting at their Ice Igloo to enjoy the Antarctica cool vibes. You can choose the most suitable package for you now and book your tickets online at their official website to save queue time. You can also purchase your tickets at the door of Snow Dunes at Doha Festival City Mall. 

Virtuocity Gaming Theme Park - #3 Best Place to visit in Qatar

For all gamers and technology geeks, Virtuocity Gaming Theme Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Qatar. You will definitely be impressed by how huge and advanced the place is. Virtuocity Theme Park in Qatar targets people of all ages who love Video Gaming, Virtual Reality experiences, as well as Escape Room adventures. Virtuocity is located at Doha Festival Mall as well as Snow Dunes Theme Park and Angry Birds World Amusement Park. The gaming arena consists of 200 stations that include state-of-the-art gaming equipment and advanced platforms like Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, PCs, and Nintendo Switch all under one roof.
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Virtuocity Gaming Theme Park offers a wide variety of options to please everyone. Package prices start from QAR 50 to QAR 150 based on the playing time. The gaming park offers VIP Rooms and VIP Experiences where you can play with extra advanced equipment and unique gaming experiences. You can find all of the packages and much more on Virtuocity official website

We guarantee that you will enjoy an amazing day packed with action and excitement when you visit one of the top 3 best places to visit in Qatar or even the three of them.

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