For a unique and unforgettable school trip, there is no better destination than Angry Birds World. With loads of activities to do, space to run around safely, and great food available, our theme park is a paradise for school-aged hatchlings.

 Get early, pre-opening hours access to the amusement park so students can spend the whole school day fully immersed in the world of Angry Birds, while parents and teachers can feel assured that every kid is safe and has our full attention.

Our high standards of safety, attention to detail, and guarantee of fun have made Angry Birds World a popular school trips choice for several international schools around Qatar already, and now it’s your turn! 

Looking for a totally new and exciting day out for your students? From theme park rides to soft play, meeting characters to trampolining, school trips to Angry Birds World are a great opportunity for classes to socialise with each other outside of school and will strengthen friendships through fun and challenging activities. They may even get to mingle with fellow students that they are normally separated from in other classes.

What are you waiting for?! Give us a call to find out what we can offer your school.

Located within Doha Festival City, Angry Birds World is easy to access and offers a ride or attraction to suit every taste and bravery level, great characters and shows, indoor and outdoor play, plus everything you need inside the park such as eating areas and refreshments. This is an opportunity for your hard-working students to play hard as they boost their co-ordination, burn off energy, and use their wit and strategy by playing our games and activities.

 Give students a break from the regular school routine and the chance to adventure and explore together in an engaging and dynamic environment, with a school trip to Angry Birds World.